• In the Know by Brian Glenn (November 2017)

  • Keynote Speaker at the Houston’s Writers Guild Indiepalooza 2017

       at Rice University, Houston, Texas (October 2017)

  • Author Talk (September 2017)

  • Sekgweng Intermediate School in Thabazimbi, Africa (June 2017)

  • St. Michael’s Catholic School in Houston, Texas (May 2017)

  • "Write This Way Indie Author Fest" in Dallas, Texas (March 2017)

  • The Author Show (October 2016)

  • Holy Family Catholic School in Austin, Texas (February 2016)

  • St. Helen’s Catholic School in Houston, Texas (February 2015)




  • “Creating your Future Self” – How to create your future self by starting today.  Learn how the six areas of leadership including Education, Skills & Talents, Volunteering, Networking and Building Character can create your future successful self, starting today.

  • “Initiating Positive Book Momentum” –Awarded Author Shanalee Sharboneau understands the challenge in placing your book out in the public and on book shelves can be a daunting challenge unless you know where to begin. In just a year, she went from a no-name author, to being recognized on the world stage.  She understands introducing your book to the world can be a sequence of intimidating tasks, unless you know where to start and how to define your vision.  Learn how she started from her first book “My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Boy” to receiving recognition all over the world, from the national and international markets on her children’s series "My Family Loves Me".  She will share with you an approach to reach positive book momentum.

  • “It Takes a Village” – Discussion with how the community and parents play a role in the future of their children. 

  • “Increasing your Opportunities for the Future” – Gaining insights and knowledge on how to become a more sought after professional while increasing opportunities in the workforce.  Learn how to gain traction in promoting yourself in the virtual and real world in today’s market.

  • “The Importance of Mothers in Literacy” – How reading to our children creates bonds and security for a lifetime.  Learn how a parent’s role in developing literacy influences a child’s wonder of the world and promoting curiosity and adventure for a lifetime. 

  • “Growing Up Equal” – An inspirational speech on a journey of growing up a gender equal household and culture and her mission to spread such equality to others. 

Sekgweng Intermediate School Africa
Antler Shanalee
South Padre
St. Helen's Catholic School
Sekgweng Intermediate School Africa
University of Houston Coogs
Keynote at Rice University